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The telesummit has begun!

Tell us what inspired you most today, what golden nugget you found, what great ideas you heard, what idea you’re going to take and use to create a giant business!

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Comments (10)

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  1. Sonny Carter says:

    Hi Margie, this is great stuff! I’m excited and grateful for what you’ve done in getting these speakers together. It’s so uplifiting, and even most important the practical knowledge we receive is invaluable. The energy is fabulous!

  2. This is my second time participating in the Breakthrough Telesummit, and it is just as powerful! So many gold nuggets of wisdom have been shared and I am ON FIRE with possibility and have already begun taking inspired action! Thankyou for Margie for putting this together…

  3. Stephi T says:

    Margie, Thank you for doing this and coming out of “your box”. To take the time to serve us. To help us grow not only as individuals but, in our lives, and business.
    I really enjoyed this last call….Steven Covey. WoW..TRUST.. not only with people i want to share my business with, but trust in myself.
    He made it very clear on how and what we need to expect of ourselves…. to follow through, to be honest, to give, to share, to watch them, be grateful, to simply “do what you say you will do”

    I love you so much, and so proud of you.
    Thank you..

  4. If you want to accelerate your business you need to join the telesummit and engage in the weekend. This will fire up your business, and take your business at least 6 months into the future.

    The last telesummit was great, but this one was better. Margie, you outdid yourself from last year. Very relevent material and highly valuable. This is material that truly is at the graduate level and higher. Feel like I received a Masters Degree in Networking here.

  5. Hi Margie,

    Wow! The Telesummit was amazing! I enjoyed it tremendously, and I am simply blown away by all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve been listening to over the past 3 days. My brain feels like it has been transformed and reprogrammed with powerful and life changing information! So many great ideas to implement within my business that I know will lead to huge success because the speakers are all such seasoned experts, and all have achieved amazing success within our industry. I can not say enough how much I appreciate you, and everyone else who was involved with putting this telesummit together. I will surely recommend this to all my fellow network marketers, and I will definitely be back again next time with my whole team!!Thanks again and God Bless you!

    Mutungi Tumusiime

  6. Margie, WOW!! What a feast and a True Gift you have given us by providing the most incredible line up of speakers, Super Stars, The Who’s Who in this Industry, for the past 3 days ~ 24 hours. I filled an entire notebook with notes from each one as they shared from their hearts, and gave us their Best Stuff! I feel like I have earned my PHD in these last 3 Days!! What an honor and privilege to have been present. And you, my Dear Margie, are the Shining Star with your comments, questions that you shared to draw out the Best in each one of the Presenters these last three days! You Rock Girlfriend! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You my Friend ~ I Just Love YOU!!!

  7. Donna Bogan says:


    Thank you so much for coordinating such an incredible 24 hour program with the most awesome speakers! It has been absolutely amazing. Honestly, I feel like I have been bestowed a MBA in Network Marketing Success!!! How does it get any better than this? What else is possible?

    I appreciate your dedication and contribution in providing us this valuable telesummit. You’re right, as networkers we must share the wealth of this resource and pay if forward.

    You’re awesome and a leader we all aspire to become!

  8. zanele says:

    Hello Margie
    Thank you so much for putting this together. I’m in New Zealand, so it was a bit tricky with the times, but I did listen to Lisa Jimenez and Tom Ziglar. I loved Lisa’s story and was inspired by her truthfulness and courage. I will listen to the recording once available. You are such an inspiration. When are you coming to New Zealand for a visit and training in your company:))

  9. Lorrie Bliss says:

    Margie, Thank you so much, this event has giving me a much needed boost. I loved Richard Brooke’ “LeapFrog” and Jordan Adler’s story, I really related to.
    This has set me on a new direction with motivation and enthusiasm. You did a Great Job, I know it was a lot of work putting this together. Thanks again

  10. Maggie Pimm says:

    HI Margie
    with gratitude I think of all you have done. I have not finished yet the recordings of the Feb telesummit, and yet I am a different person. I cannot measure the difference in terms of number of people I have sponsored, as it is not my focus now. I am setting the scene for something that looks to me like a big project. It is like pieces of a puzzle that you put together to make the big picture. I am sowing without getting tired and I know I will reap soon
    God bless you

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