Feb-2011 Telesummit

The first ever Breakthrough Telesummit for network marketers and direct sellers was held in February 2011 and was an amazing success. Here are the speakers who made it happen!

Friday Speakers

Margie Aliprandi

6 Steps to the Top of Your Pay Plan

What are the the actions and attitude that will help you reach the top of your pay plan? Gain greater mastery of the daily revenue producing activities to help you make more money, become a more powerful mentor to your team, and have fun doing it. www.MargieAliprandi.com

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

How to Get Prospects To Believe The Good Things You Say

We don’t need more great things to tell our prospects. We need to command their subconscious mind to BELIEVE the good things we say.
www.FortuneNow.com and www.BigAlReport.com

Dan McCormick

Lessons From Great Lives

Thomas Carlyle said “Great men taken up in any way are very profitable company, for we cannot so much as look upon a great man without gaining something from him.” Learn to be rich in all areas of your life. www.DanMcCormicksWorld.com

Jack Canfield

Your 2011 Breakthrough Goals

Jack shares why he loves network marketing. Learn the difference between basic goals and a breakthrough goal. Learn the step by step process for setting and achieving your breakthrough goals.

Saturday Speakers

Lisa Jimenez

Conquering Fear: Rejecting Rejection

Lisa offers a practical action plan to empower you to overcome fear, reject rejection, and be free to get on with creating and achieving what you really want!

Donna Johnson

We make a living by making a difference

Learn how to build a strong, sustainable business with leaders that duplicate, edify, and build a culture for success.

T. Harv Eker

Getting Hardwired for Success

We all have a personal money blueprint ingrained in our subconscious minds, and it is this blueprint, more than anything, that will determine our financial lives. www.PeakPotentials.com.

Todd Falcone

How to Easily Recruit Professional Producers Into your Business

Building a successful and booming network marketing organization requires that you attract QUALITY individuals who have the capacity to do what we do. Everyone wants talent…but knowing where and how to find it is a different thing. www.ToddFalcone.com

Cheryl Richardson

Secrets of Success: Growing Your Business From the Inside Out

Cheryl shares uncommon strategies for creating a successful business that supports an even more successful life. If you’re ready to build a business that brings you joy and abundant financial rewards, then be sure to tune into this call! www.CherylRichardson.com.

Teresa Romain

Duplication Done Differently Makes the Difference

Success in network marketing comes from your ability to have other duplicate what you do. But what – EXACTLY – are you duplicating? Duplication must be done differently – which is exactly what you will learn in this special session with Teresa Romain. www.AcessAbundance.com.

Richard Brooke

Mach II with your Hair on Fire, the Art of Personal Vision and Self-Motivation

Richard will lead you through the basics of how to create a compelling vision; how to learn to believe it is inevitable and the profound connection between vision and self-motivation. www.RichardBrooke.com.

Dale Calvert

10 Methods to Generate Warm and Cold Market Leads Daily

Have you run out of people to talk to about your business opportunity? Then this call is your answer.

On this call, Dale will share simple, inexpensive and effective ideas to generate new business leads every day. His methods can be utilized both online and off – and simple enough that anyone can do them!

Susan Sly

Creating a Have It All Life – Million Dollar Success Strategies for Organization

Join Susan Sly as she shares her strategies on organization. Susan will give you the tips on how to create a million dollar schedule, achieve more joy, fulfillment and balance. www.StepIntoYourPower.com .

Jack Zufelt

The DNA of MLM $ucce$$

The DNA of MLM Success is all about getting the right attitudes and characteristics that one MUST have in order to earn serious income. Without these a person is destined to just be happy product users and earn small dollars. The most important attribute of all is confidence in themselves. www.theDNAofMLMSuccess.com

Sunday Speakers

Randy Gage

The Science of Duplication

Creating true duplication is a predictable and proven process when you know how to apply the foundational elements of team building. In this powerful presentation you’ll learn exactly how to recruit better and build true duplication and depth NetworkingTimes.com

Michael Port/Elizabeth Marshall

Book Yourself Solid

How to Build the Right Relationships To Consistently Attract Customers, Generate Referrals and Grow Your Team
www.BookYourselfSolid.com and www.AuthorTeleseminars.com

Tim Sales

Presenting Strike Outs – What To Do When You’re Showing the Plan But No One Is Signing Up

Tired of making one presentation after another without significant results? It’s time to stop guessing what you’re doing wrong, and start delivering presentations like the MLM Pros! http://FirstClassMLMTools.com.

Kim Klaver

How Not To Be An MLM Loser

1) Think different in MLM,
2) Tap into the Helper-Healer Market,
3) Wow, not sell and
4) Use your strengths even if you lack confidence Kim’s Blog and www.BananaMarketing.com.

Marci Shimoff

Love for No Reason

7 Steps to Creating a Life of Unconditional Love. www.TheLoveBook.com and www.HappyForNoReason.com.

Jane Deuber

Secrets to Mastering the Four Realms of Direct Selling Success

Join this value-packed tele-training as respected direct selling expert, Jane Deuber, reveals the secrets to mastering the four realms of Direct Selling Success for higher profits, more fun and a rapidly growing team. www.InnerGameOfDirectSelling.com

Andrea Waltz / Richard Fenton

Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There

For most people NO is negative… draining… the ANTHESIS of YES. All those No’s and potential No’s turn the joy and excitement of business building into a fearful and depressing experience. But what if you could change your thinking? www.GoForNo.com

Jerry Clark

Destroy Your Alarm Clock, Fire Your Boss, and Earn at least
$20,000 per month for the rest of your Life!

Destroy Your Alarm Clock, Fire Your Boss, and Earn at least $20,000 per month for the rest of your Life! www.ClubRhino.com

Gary Ryan Blair

How to Rock When You Get Rolled

If you’re disappointed in the results you’ve experienced in your network marketing business up til now, Gary Ryan Blair explains how to bounce back – bigger, stronger and more powerfully. www.EverythingCounts.com

Michael Oliver

Natural Selling

Do potential customers and partners react to you defensively… reject you and your offers, and leave you feeling down and discouraged?

There is a solution I call “Natural Selling”. NaturalSelling.com.