Jeremy Reynolds

admin | August 12, 2011
The Dropout CEO

The Confessions of a Dropout CEO: Why “Escaping” the 9-to-5 is Exactly the Wrong Approach to Success in Network Marketing

Jeremy Reynolds (“JR”) will reveal the truths about network marketing that he discovered while still a CEO of a successful manufacturing company.

Hint: Your entire motivation for owning your own network marketing business might be the one thing that’s holding you back.

About Jeremy Reynolds

A corporate founder, CEO, and debt-free millionaire by the age of 34, “JR” found that his ladder of success was leaning on the wrong wall.

JR had the chance to build his own home-based network marketing business part-time in addition to his CEO duties. He quickly discovered that he was able to use his business and personal development expertise to leverage his time, quickly building a powerful organization.

He eventually sold his company to a team of professional managers, and jumped into network marketing with both feet.

Now, as the Dropout CEO, Jeremy has more fun than ever, helping thousands create the kind of personal and financial leverage that leads to debt-free dreams.

You can find Jeremy online at and on Facebook as JeremyReynolds.

Jeremy is also featured in the best-selling “7 Habits of Highly Effective Network Marketing Professionals” by Stephen R. Covey.

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