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admin | July 20, 2011
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The Lotus Code: Timeless Wisdom For Accelerated Prosperity

Words cannot adequately describe the excitement I felt when I inadvertently stumbled upon The Lotus Code principles. The fact that this blueprint for attainment was launched over 2 ½ centuries ago and then hidden in plain sight made the discovery all the more remarkable to me.

After bouncing these mindsets and activities off a number of professionals, all of whom were equally fascinated, my wife Valerie and I decided to do everything in our power to make them available to the masses.

When you attend my training session on The Lotus Code, you will be mesmerized by the simplicity of the overall approach. As Dr Emily Cady observed in 1919, “Simplicity is evidence of the most advanced teachings.” I agree. In my 25-year career, much of which has been focused on personal development, I have never felt more passionate about any philosophy.

In this one-hour session you will learn how to apply:

  • The power of trigger thoughts
  • The strength of word cues
  • The short-term process of activities
  • The critical importance of habitual activation
  • Why perseverance and resilience are effortless
  • The importance of recalibration immediately after attainment
  • The mindboggling ease of wealth accumulation in the absence of an earnings ceiling
  • The seed-planting value of humor in any approach to friends or strangers
  • The start-switch regardless of your current experience level
  • The ultimate methods for distraction avoidance
  • The simple strategy for giving yourself a 13th month each year.

About Mark Yarnell

Mark Yarnell is the author of eleven books, including the long-standing international bestseller Your First Year in Network Marketing and the most recent release, The Lotus Code: Timeless Wisdom for Accelerated Prosperity. He is presently working on his twelfth book to be released in March 2012.

As a network marketing leader, Mark has built an organization of 300,000 people in 21 countries.

Mark and Dr. Charles King of Harvard University created the first certification course in network marketing taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago and in Seoul, Korea since 1993.

Mark was named Philanthropist of the Year for the state of Nevada by the Washington Times, honored with The American Dream Award from The Howard Ruff Company, named The Greatest Networker in the World by Upline®, and inducted into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame. He has educated thousands of entrepreneurs through his books, webinars, presentations and private coaching.

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