Paula Pritchard

admin | July 23, 2011
Network Marketing Professional

Cracking the Code

Know the game you’re in. Understand the skill set you need to get “unstuck.” Keep your energy focused in the right place.

Paula has a way of breaking the business down to make it simplistic and understandable. She highlights the 2 skills you will need to make it big and and your 4 areas of focus to become successful.

About Paula Pritchard

While pursuing her doctorate degree at Kent State University, Paula Pritchard became disillusioned by the inability to advance financially in the academic world. With a bachelor’s and master’s degree already under her belt, she was working on her Ph.D. when she decided to attend her first network-marketing meeting.

Her first networking experience was Amway. Out of a million distributors at the time, Paula was the first single woman in the United States to reach the coveted Diamond level. Since Amway, she has achieved major success with four other network-marketing companies. She spearheaded the expansion of three of those companies into Europe, building organizations of 200,000 people producing hundreds of millions of dollars in business in over 15 countries. Today Paula is a Master Distributor and Multimillion dollar earner with a successful company. Because of her reputation, Paula is an author, public speaker, trainer and has also consulted with both established and new network marketing companies in both the United States and Europe.

As one of the top and most consistent performers in Network Marketing, Paula has proven time and time again that her business building methods work. Her techniques for building large successful businesses have created many successful leaders in the industry and have been well documented in her book Owning Yourself.

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