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admin | January 27, 2011
35-year Professional Network Marketing Leader, Company Owner and Transformational Life Coach

The Art of Leapfrogging

Leapfrogging is a form of presentation whereby your enrollment candidate is motivated to join your opportunity, not based on what they know about your program or their belief in themselves, but rather based on who they know by occupation. It is based on my belief that most people who choose not to join you do so for two basic reasons:

  1. 1. Based on what you told them and on their own self-esteem (or lack thereof), they do not believe they can be successful.
  2. 2. They do not believe that what they could earn would be worth the time and effort they would need to put forth. In other words, they “hear” $1,000 a month and they interpret it will take all of their spare time, which they decide is not worth it.
    1. Learn how to circumvent these issues and leapfrog your way to success!

      About Richard Brooke

      Richard Bliss Brooke is a 35-year veteran of the Network Marketing profession, a member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee and the owner of two Network Marketing companies. In the early 1980s at the age of 25, he built his own network of 30,000 people earning him over $40,000 a month.

      Through his transformational development companies, Bliss Business and Bliss Ranch and Resorts, Richard conducts retreats from one to seven days where participants experience the art of listening, vision, self-motivation, leadership, coaching and action plans. Most importantly, participants learn how to have fun – fully expressed, no-limit fun.

      He is the author of Mach II: The Art of Personal Vision and Self Motivation, Mailbox Money: The Promise of Network Marketing and The Four Year Career.

      Richard loves Harleys, golf, water sports, scuba diving, snowmobiling, flying and no limit Texas hold ’em.

      Richard and Christine live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Carmel Valley, California.

      Learn more by visiting his website

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