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admin | July 23, 2011
Certified Results Coach

Stop the Sabotage

The single biggest reason network marketers fail is SABOTAGE!  Certified Results Coach Sean Smith is a master at teaching people how to eliminate their sabotaging thoughts, emotions and behavior patterns, so they can get out of their own way and start attracting success into their business and personal lives.  On our call, Sean is going to teach:

1) Why you don’t need to be motivated to get your goals
2) The single principle that determines ALL of your decisions
3) The 5 most common success cancers that suffocate network marketers
4) How ALL of our sabotaging habits are created (knowing this helps you un-create them)
5) How to identify your biggest fears, conflicts and limiting beliefs
and much more

About Sean Smith

Sean Smith, “The Premier Breakthrough Coach” is a Certified Master Results Practitioner who helps individuals and business owners identify and destroy the obstacles that are holding you back so you can start living the lifestyle of your dreams right now.

Sean’s life was forever changed when he was almost killed by his next door neighbor over 20 years ago.  And after learning real quick on that cold morning of Dec. 17, 1986, that we only get one chance in life and we’re never promised tomorrow, Sean committed to himself that he would pursue excellence instead of mediocrity, and bring as many people with him as possible.

Since that time, he has studied hundreds upon hundreds of books, audio programs, group coaching programs, private coaching programs, teleconferences and live seminars, all in the fields of leadership, peak performance and goal setting, trying to find the “missing ingredient” to unlock his potential.  Along that journey, he has invested well over $100,000 in his own personal development education and has gotten to know some of the world’s most successful and significant people.

Simply put, Sean has a special gift for empowering others.  He has helped hundreds of independent business owners find their purpose, release their limiting beliefs, and start attracting outrageous financial and personal results into their lives.

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